In the Dark

I pulled the letter out of my pocket and looked at Grandpa’s writing. … I should give it to Mum — it was hers after all. …But how could I? I’d have to admit going down into the cellar. … Now that I’d come this far, I’d have to read what he’d said.

I stood in the moonlight and began.

A forbidden foray into an old cellar leads Ish to unearth a startling discovery. When he opens his late Grandpa’s undelivered letter to Mum, Ish is sucked into a vortex of secrets and lies – and one unexpected truth.

Now he must live with the consequences.

A story about a boy who writes poetry to make sense of his world – and learns that in the face of loss, treachery and deceit, love is what matters.

In the Dark is available as a trade paperback in Australia and New Zealand from all good bookshops. The title is distributed by Novella and INT Books.